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Dreamers, Business-People, Hard-Work, Commitment, and Investment

Jack McClurg was the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HealthTrans LLC, which grew to be one of the largest pharmacy benefits managers of its day. After divesting their interest in HealthTrans, Jack and his wife Mary went on to found McClurg Century Investments (MCI) in 2012. MCI is a multi-generational family office dedicated to enhancing the human, intellectual, and financial capital of its members. Since its founding, MCI has enjoyed considerable success by investing in a mix of operating companies and other investment vehicles which range across several different industries. Jack’s passion for business continues to inspire the next generation of his family, as his daughter Kori and son Ryan work to carry-forward his legacy as business and community leaders. Today, the organization remains dedicated to its mission of prudent, long-term investing in human development, beneficial financial transaction, and compassionate philanthropic endeavor.

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